One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Today’s health writer thirty-day challenge is to create and share a Mad Lib zany poem. To do so required filling in the blanks with various parts of speech that somehow might describe lupus, or relate to it. Coming up with 10 adjectives, 6 verbs, 6 adverbs, conjunctions and prepositions was too taxing of a mental exercise for my lupus clouded Saturday morning brain!

Besides, I have never been too enamored with Mad Libs, since they seemed to stop amusing me somewhere after my teenage years. Instead, it seemed more to my liking to write a light-hearted poem about the lupus blogging adventure. The following is my alternative response with a little more meaning, in the spirit of the thirty-day challenge.

Writing about the lupus endeavor
Challenges me every day
I strive to share relevant stuff
As I ponder the next thing to say.

So many who stop by have questions
Or comment or share a short thought
Yet, some folks I’m allowed to encourage
Because battles they fight, I have fought.

We struggle to share a perspective
Of a counter intuitive way
to approach every challenge of lupus
As a victor, and not with dismay.

It’s an honor to write for the readers
who follow this adventure with me
And strengthen each other in fellowship
Through the wonders of technology.


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