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Open a book about Lupus

Reading good resource books and other reliable written resources about Lupus is an important part of learning to understand and manage your own health.  A patient is their own best advocate, and what better place to start than opening a great book about Lupus?

Where should you begin?

Here is a small excerpt from my first suggestion, The Lupus Book, 4th Edition, Chapter 2, by Daniel J. Wallace, M.D.:

What is Lupus?  In simple terms, lupus erythematosus develops when the body becomes allergic to itself.  Immunologically speaking, it is the opposite of what takes place in cancer or AIDS.  In lupus, the body overreacts to an unknown stimulus and makes too many antibodies, or proteins directed against body tissue.  Thus, lupus is called an autoimmune disease (auto meaning self).

To read more of this book, or find some other great books, I suggest visiting Barnes & Noble or where you can buy this book new, used, or in digital format for Android devices such as a Nook, Kindle or Android phone.

All of these resources are great places to find reliable up-to-date books and other information about Lupus:

LFA – The Lupus Shop

  • Book reviews in Lupus Now magazine and on their website, and the LFA’s online store for buying Lupus Foundation of America approved books
  • Barnes and Noble web site for digital downloads and books delivered by mail
  • A visit to a Barnes and Noble store with your Nook or other Android phone device to read any digital book free for an hour on each visit
  • Public libraries
  • LFA local chapter or support group lending libraries
  • Nearby college or university libraries
  • Do a Google Book search for “lupus”

Take the first step to learn more about your lupus.  Do a little hunting, and go open a good book about lupus!


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