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April’s 30-day health writer challenge has added an interesting twist by suggesting a new concept to springboard each day’s blog post.  I was afraid I could not write a post every day for a whole month, and thought I would run out of ideas.  I almost didn’t agree to do it, because I feared I would fail.  However, here we are, half way through, and it seems it might work, after all!

I write most of my blog posts at the desk in my office, but some start on my Nook tablet. Sometimes, inspiration hits during my first cup of coffee in bed, or in the middle of breakfast at the kitchen counter, or even watching my dog jump around from my back porch swing; The tablet helps when my blog idea hits while roaming the house.  Many, many cups of coffee get cold while I write a post.  Sometimes, my cup of coffee gets zapped 2 or 3 times in the microwave before it and my blog post are both done.

Frosting on a cake...

An idea forms, after I think about things other people need or want to hear about lupus, or maybe about something in everyday life that is different because of lupus. Sometimes, the link to lupus is a slim tangent, and other times it is the whole point.  However, each blog post answers a simple question:  what can I write that people in the lupus community need or want to hear?

Each post is meant to be informative, correct, honest, positive and encouraging.   A few carefully chosen pictures help tell the rest of the story, and are usually added last, like the frosting on a finished cake.


Comments on: "Finding a voice in the lupus conversation" (1)

  1. As a blogger myself, I think it would be a great challenge to do what you are doing and do it so well. Thanks for all the time you put in to writing a quality blog.

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