One Patient's Positive Perspectives

There are many essential things every person and lupus patient needs for health and a balanced life. These critical things fall into two major categories: the things that cost money to get, and the most essential things that are priceless that cannot be bought.  For a healthy person not facing the challenges of lupus or any other chronic illness, their list might be a slightly different, but my hunch is that many people would have a list very similar to mine.

My list is simple, divided into the two categories and listed in descending order of their overall value, importance and necessity:



  • My husband: love of my life, companion and best friend
  • Spiritual life: God, the Bible, my church and fellowship with other christian friends
  • Family: children, children-in-law, grandchildren, in-laws, siblings, father
  • Music: Our piano, singing, at least one hymnal and other music books



  • Nutrition: water and healthy food
  • Comfortable secure home: yard, garden and large patio with lots of shade, basic plumbing
  • Comfortable wardrobe: clothes, shoes, and a good sun hat
  • Physical needs: sleep, hygiene, dental care, medical care, medications
  • Transportation: car, gas, maintenance, insurance, tires or public transportation
  • Communication/Education: cell phone, Internet access, texting ability, radio, books

What is on your list?

Coming up with a list of top ten essentials is a challenging exercise that is part of the 30-day health writer’s challenge.  This made me ponder a little more than normal what really matters the most in my life.  I found it very interesting that I didn’t even include my legal career or job in the top ten list anywhere, unless you infer the need to make money to get the things in life that are not “priceless.”

What is number one on your list?


Comments on: "Lupus and the top ten essentials of life" (1)

  1. My list would be most like yours. I would just love to feel good most of the time to enjoy our grandchildren and retirement years with my husband. God is first and foremost in my life so I would want to be able to continue to go to church. Our church is up on a hill, with a lot of steps, but we do have a handicap area that we can use, I’d like to be able to save those spots for those who really need them hoping that I won’t. lol

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