One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Beginning a new life

Every day is a new beginning.  No matter what yesterday holds, be it pain, illness, sorrow, bankruptcy or other difficulty or challenges, each new day is a new adventure and fresh opportunity.  Each dawn is a new beginning.  Each tomorrow promises us a fresh start at beginning the rest of our life.  With lupus, we never know how we will feel the next day, and it is not uncommon for that new morning to be the worst part of our day.

We have an opportunity every time we wake up to make a change in the things we can control in our lives, or not.  The choice is up to us.  Most of us know the things, that if we do them with consistency, they will make a difference in our health.  Some of these options that impact our health each day include healthful eating, exercise, rest, compliance with physicians orders, taking our medications as prescribed, and living a healthy lifestyle.  While one choice on any single day may not make much difference, taken all together, days on end, week after week, month after month, they matter.

Fluid trainer in the corner of our home office

Today is a new day, and so today is my day to resume my exercise routine in earnest.  After spending weeks during March sick with asthmatic bronchitis, I am now mostly back to breathing properly.  The massive doses of steroids have helped me gain at least 5 pounds, all sitting in the middle of my tummy.  My weariness and illness made me make some poor meal choices, and I have eaten way too many fast food meals in recent weeks.  It is time to make a change, a new beginning.

I believe in miracles.

So, back to the bicycle on the fluid trainer in the corner of my office.  Back to my normal routine of morning yoga and stretching.  Back to skim milk and sugar-free Torani chocolate and raspberry syrup in my coffee (instead of sugar-sweetened flavored creamer.)  Back to packing my fruits and veggies, with lean meat & cheese roll ups (minus the bread and mayo of my recent sandwiches.)  Back to unsweetened tea in the afternoon instead of a candy bar and cola from the vending machines at work.  Back to more home-cooked healthy meals for me and my family.

Back to basics, back to smart things, and time to get on with doing the things again that make me healthy.  Each right choice builds a small step toward the miracle of feeling better. The real challenge is finding the strength and discipline to make the change.  But, as the hymn writer sings, “I’ve seen the lily push its way up through the stubborn sod, I believe in miracles, and I believe in God.”


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