One Patient's Positive Perspectives

100 year time capsule

One-hundred years from now, what might people in the next century conclude from a time-capsule filled with items related to my lupus and health adventures from today?


My capsule would probably contain several empty pill bottles, a tube of analgesic ointment, a wide-brimmed sun hat, the handicapped parking permit placard from my car, several physicians’ business cards, my medical savings account credit card, a list of my prescription drugs and doses, a billing statement from my last rheumatologist appointment, my calendar from last year showing notes about my sick days, flare symptoms, prescription adjustments and Benlyta infusions, a copy of Daniel Wallace, M.D.’s patient guide, “The Lupus Book,” and the April 2012 issue of the Lupus Foundation of America magazine, “Lupus Now.”

Persons living in the year 2112 might deduce that I was one of the few patients blessed to take some of the early biologic drugs that eventually made the treatment of autoimmune diseases routine and highly successful. They might also marvel at the antiquity if the items in my capsule that are  printed on paper, such as lists of drugs, business cards, magazines and books.  They might also consider my generation to have simplistic methods for communication and producing educational materials.


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