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April Health Writer's Challenge

During the month of April, 2012, Lupus Adventurer has accepted the WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month 30 post challenge! Each day will have a special focus as part of covering lupus-related issues from 30 different vantage points throughout the 30 days in April.

Lupus Adventurer’s posts will join with many other members in the health blogger community who are challenging ourselves as health writers, advocates and activists. Daily posts will appear here, and will be shared along with posts from many other health bloggers at the WEGO Health Facebook page and on Twitter with #HAWMC.

I am excited about some of the interesting topics and focus areas that will be addressed in upcoming April blog posts, and trust they will offer help and encouragement to those who share this lupus adventure.  I will try to get a post out everyday, so we will see if am successful doing that!  Thanks for reading.


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