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Back to singing and the swing of things

After any illness, it is hard to get back into the swing of things and resume a normal schedule. Sometimes this is due to lingering symptoms and post illness exhaustion, as well as adjusting to the shift back into active mode. With lupus, the challenge for me is knowing how to find the right speed to resume my normal activities.

Today, was my first Sunday back attending my normal schedule of church activities, singing at a morning choir practice, along with the congregation during the service, with the choir, and even in a duet with my husband (all without choking or exhibiting other socially unacceptable post-bronchitis behaviors.)  He sang the lead, and I did a softer not-too-demanding harmony part.  I love singing with him, it is one of our life’s special joys.

After church we headed home to cook a nice Sunday dinner for my family, and to enjoy a much-needed relaxing afternoon.  Kicking up my feet for a while sounded like a perfect plan, especially since my hand joints were swollen and red this morning from mildly flaring lupus arthritis.  Hopefully, this week my family doctor and rheumatologist will allow resuming my monthly Benlysta infusions that were delayed two weeks due to bronchitis.

Surprise dinner guest

Then, during dinner, we had a delightful surprise visitor!  A little backtracking will fill in some missing information:

About a week ago, my husband and I were sitting in the kitchen and noticed that a hummingbird had begun building her nest outside our dining room window, anchored to a small branch in our lemon tree.  We enjoyed watching her as she industriously came and went, poking dry leaves and other building materials from our yard into her nest construction project.   After last week’s late winter storm, we hadn’t seen her since.

During today’s Sunday afternoon dinner, we noticed the tiny mother bird had returned and was settled in, sitting atop her newly built nest.  I grabbed my digital camera, and walked around the house, sneaking quietly into a good vantage point near her nest and waited.  I enjoyed a quiet restful moment drinking in the smell of the ripe lemons hanging above me, and tried to blend unnoticed into the dappled afternoon shade of the tree.

Another bird's tiny hummingbird eggs

Soon, I was rewarded when she returned to tend her nest.  She momentarily fanned her whirring wings over the nest, held them still for a split second, and then tucked them to her sides.  It was exciting be close enough to zoom in and catch the tiny mommy bird nestled on her perch.  It seems to me she posed very nicely for my snap shots of her motherly waiting game, and amazed me with the small walnut size of her nest.  If I didn’t think getting too close would scare her off, I would peer over the edge of her nest to catch a picture of her tiny eggs.

However, my respect for the tiny bird mommy-in-waiting will probably keep me from intruding that closely. I will borrow my picture of the eggs for the time-being.


Comments on: "Lupus, singing and a visiting hummingbird" (3)

  1. amyirenewhite said:

    I enjoyed this story. I got my ol harley out and rode to church yesterday, too. Must have been a good lupus day.

    • lupusadventurer said:

      Indeed! It is nice when Sunday has that something special that only church can give it. When the Lord’s Day is just that, and includes some focus on Him, it is extra special. Thanks for your visit to my blog and for chiming in! Have a great day. 🙂 LA

      • amyirenewhite said:

        I go to biker church.. It makes me a little bit sad every Sunday when I see the other bikes there and I wasn’t able to ride mine. The days when I feel like riding are the very best.

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