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Two weeks sick but not from lupus!

Two long sick weeks from something that isn’t lupus is two weeks too long!  My doctors both agree I’m still too sick with Bronchitis to have this week’s  Benlysta infusion.  My wise family doctor‘s hunch made him test for mycoplasma, and he was right.  So, he re-prescribed Cipro, explaining that it knocks out mycoplasma.

So, what is a mycoplasma, anyway?  The answer is found in what it isn’t.  It isn’t really a typical bacteria, and it isn’t a virus.  It doesn’t have a normal cell wall, but has a plant-like soft pliable cell surface.  It is tinier than normal bacteria, and is hard to see under a microscope.  Mycoplasma stick to the outside of infected mucous membranes, and cause most cases of “walking pneumonia.”  Mycoplasma infections are hard to catch except between people who live close together, and is common in child care centers, schools, dorms and hospitals.

Ordinarily, mycoplasma causes mild walking pneumonia and sometimes antibiotics  are not even needed!  It got me harder than that.  Yesterday, I was glad to be able work my first full day since getting sick 2 weeks ago.   My asthma is still bothering me and my lungs are still congested.  Yesterday I brought my trusty little asthma nebulizer along, and it really helped me breathe (not breeze or wheeze) through my work day.

My husband has been saying lately that my lungs sound like a wheezy seventy-year old! Flattering, wonderful mental image, isn’t it?

Lungs sound like wheezy seventy-year old!

This week is the first time my Benlysta infusion is being delayed because I am sick.  Today I did some tinkering in the blog software and wandered through this blog’s widgets to reset my daily count-down gadget so it will accurately announce “EightDays Left Until the Next Benlysta Infusion” instead of only one day.


Comments on: "Lupus and postponing a Benlysta infusion" (2)

  1. I hope you feel better and recover well 🙂 Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

    • lupusadventurer said:

      Thank you so much for your visit to my blog, and your kind and encouraging words and well-wishes. Have a great day!

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