One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Lupus is not my Sunday morning foe today

Here I sit on a Sunday morning, trying to overcome the aftermath of a tenacious case of bronchitis.  Ordinarily, my Sunday morning battle would be my lupus, trying to get coherent mentally and physically functioning enough to get to 8:10 a.m. choir practice at church, a  9:00 Sunday School class followed by a morning worship service.  Today, lupus is not my challenge.  It is strange to have something other than lupus be my medical challenge for so many days, and now weeks in a row. Today I am just battling asthma and bronchitis.   Somehow, in a strange way, it is almost refreshing to fight a different medial foe.

Using my asthma nebulizer

So, here I sit for a few minutes, writing my blog and using my asthma nebulizer machine to dilate bronchi.  Soon, lungs should be open enough to sit quietly through just the worship service at church without coughing and distracting everyone around me, at least for an hour or two.  At the end of last week, when my bronchitis re-surged and my steroid dose had dropped to normal, and I was suddenly getting worse instead of better, my doctor started me all over again on a second larger and longer burst of steroids.  I am finally getting over this enough to rejoin my social world safely (for me and for them) however briefly, at first.

My lupus symptoms have now been completely suppressed by the high steroid doses, so my joints are happy and my CNS lupus is quiet this morning.  Other than being unable to breathe well, I feel otherwise semi-decent.  However, being a merely one-service church observer and not a performer and singer will be a challenging enough of a role and adventure at church for me today. As a result, today probably won’t even include singing with the congregational songs or choir, and today certainly holds no plans for solos or duets during the services.

It is a different Sunday!

Besides, there should probably be no handshakes with others in the congregation today, I care too much for my friends at church to share the germs with them.  The afternoon will not include a visit at a nearby senior assisted living home where I play piano some weeks for their Sunday afternoon worship service conducted by a preacher from our church.  The residents there sure don’t want my residual bronchitis germs today!  A 4:00 p.m. practice for a ladies ensemble song is not in today’s plan, either, and nor will be the evening church choir practice at 4:30 p.m., nor the evening worship service at 6:00 p.m.  I won’t even be there to watch.

The day ahead looks like it will deviate significantly from normal Sunday routine.  It will be a great blessing to be back to church this week, and be well enough to at least attend the worship service.  I have missed church while so sick.  This is a different kind of Sunday morning adventure, but lupus is refreshingly not my Sunday morning foe today!


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