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The farthest thing from my mind

Sitting in bed for the sixth day with a bad case of bronchitis, the most remote thought in my mind was getting up to exercise for my health and lupus.  Scanning through my emails on my Nook tablet, I started reading the latest newsletter from Arthritis Health in Scottsdale, Arizona, and was challenged to check out an intriguing You-Tube video,  23 and 1/2 Hours.

The  rheumatology newsletter prompted:

23 and 1/2 Hours

“There is no question!”

“We highly recommend you watch the video “23 1/2 hours” on You-Tube.  It is a short animation with some interesting information on the tremendous benefits of exercise.  It will be the best 9 minutes you will spend . . .  except of course if you are exercising!”

The caption beneath this interesting short You-Tube video describes the subject and speaker:

“A Doctor-Professor answers the old question ‘What is the single best thing we can do for our health’ in a completely new way.  Dr. Mike Evans is founder of the Health Design Lab at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, an Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of Toronto, and a staff physician at St. Michael’s Hospital.”

Check it out! I did. 🙂

I enjoyed watching this animated fast-moving movie.  The hand drawn cartoon illustrations and understandable way Dr. Evans explains the benefits of are easy to follow, entertaining and compelling.  This was a worthwhile use of a mere 9 minutes of my day, that would be otherwise spent reading e-mails and surfing the net!

23 and 1/2 Hours


Comments on: "Lupus, and important video Twenty-three and a Half Hours" (3)

  1. Reblogged this on lupinelifedotcom and commented:
    This video is a cool way to look at how we prioritize exercise in our lives. It makes me happy that I walk 15 minutes to and from work each day!

  2. This is really great. I am going to post it on my blog soon. I got a recumbent Schwinn for in my bedroom a couple of weeks ago. It is amazing how fast I saw a difference in the fatigue I was struggling with for so long.

    • lupusadventurer said:

      Good for you! My exercise is on a conventional road bike sitting in an indoor fluid trainer in a corner of our home office. Although counter-intuitive to lupus and other arthritis pain, gentle regular exercise is key to managing Lupus and RA arthritis, pain, weight, heart-health, fatigue, blood sugar, etc.

      Please feel free to re-post any part or all of this on your blog if you like, I wouldn’t mind a bit, and I am sure Arthritis Health and Dr. Evans would be honored. The point is to get the word out. Awesome!

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