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Kudos to developers of new UV sun detection product

A visitor to my blog provided information today about a very interesting UV related new product website.  While usually extremely sparing on endorsement of specific products, this new product fascinated me in light of lupus sun sensitivity.  The Sunny Beadz jewelry product line was started in 2011 and was recently featured in gift baskets provided at the Grammy Awards in LA.

Beads in these necklaces change colors in the sun and presence of UV light, becoming increasingly vivid colors as the UV intensity increases.  Kudos for the creative application of technology and sun protection ideas by the Sunny Sleevez company, that also produces arm protection UV blocking “sleeves”!

Check out their website, and the link below for more information about their purple butterfly UV color change necklace and other UV detecting and protection products.


Comments on: "Lupus and an interesting new UV detecting jewelry product line" (2)

  1. Loving these, but could maybe do with something a little more “manly” for guys like me… :p

    • lupusadventurer said:

      I see your point… perhaps they could put the material into the design of a watch, or buttons on a shirt, shoe laces or some other manly wearable item. We’ll have to make a suggestion or two for new applications of this stuff. I sure can’t see my husband wearing the beads!

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