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Lupus Adventurer boards an airplane...

This morning, Lupus Adventurer boards an airplane and flies out to visit her son, daughter-in-law and 3.99 grandchildren for a week.

Any day, her daughter-in-law is expecting the birth of the tiniest new baby girl in our family. Lupus Adventurer will be hugging her grandchildren at every chance while visiting with family in an internet-free home.

She is looking forward to attending church with her son’s family, where he is an associate pastor of a baptist church. It will be enjoyable to hear him lead congregational singing and direct the church choir, as well as enjoying the opportunity to hear her 6-year old grandson practice for his piano lessons.

Offline until Valentine's Day

A post or two might happen to sneak out from the local Starbucks or Barnes and Noble if her Nook tablet happens to get into a writing mood over a cup of cafe mocha or latte.  She will be returning home on Valentine’s evening 🙂

Offline until then…


Comments on: "Lupus and the grandmother adventures" (1)

  1. lupusadventurer said:

    As a trip follow up… I found out on the plane to Albuquerque that the pilot was a very close friend of ours. I recognized his voice when he made the welcome announcement, and he came back to chat with me before we took off. He sings duets at church with my husband and we have been friends with he and his wife for at least twenty years. That was very cool! It wasn’t until later that I found out the plane was Southwest’s Arizona One, the flagship of their fleet, special paint job and all. You never know who you will meet on an airplane! LA

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