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Lupus Awareness Opportunity in Published Article

Today brought a very special honor as the national publication of my professional certifying association published my article that included an expanded discussion outlined by my acronym describing “LEARNERS” (first published here in this blog on November 1, 2011.)  See,  Lupus, and adventures in learning.

Their editorial staff contacted me a couple of weeks ago for comments about my exam preparation and study methods, requesting tips they could share with other members preparing for the challenging exam.  The upcoming issue was slated for an article encouraging the over 10,000 members of our international association to pursue certification.  Currently, there are less than four hundred persons with this certification.  I am the second government employee to gain this certification, and the only local (city/county/state) government employee.  (The first  is the director of a federal government office in Washington, D.C.)

I was glad to help out, and shot out a quick email reply telling the editor I would reply later that evening or early the next day, in time to meet her publisher‘s approaching deadline.

After first trading emails with me refining my understanding of the information they were seeking, the editor followed blog links to a couple this blog’s posts about my exam preparations.  It was important for her to know comments would probably be drawn from my earlier blog comments, to quickly give the information she sought for her article.

The editor visited this blog

After receiving my reply email, she visited this blog and read several posts related to the exam.  After learning more here about my lupus, she expressed heightened interest in sharing my story, commenting that she appreciated how lupus challenges made the story of my success all the more “sweet.”

Last week, the editor sent a message advising me that the editorial board liked my story so much, they wanted to use my whole email response as the basis for an entire article.  She asked for a high-resolution publicity photo for the article, needing it in time to meet her early publishing deadline the next morning.   Since it was already late in the evening when I got her message, my employer’s public information staff had gone home for the day.  So, instead of a new photo, I hurriedly sent off the basic head-shot portrait saved on my work computer in a couple of different computer file formats.

You've Got Mail 🙂

All day today after the article was published, numerous emails came in with congratulations of my success in the recent exam and for my article’s publication.  Additionally, a request came in today to republish my article in the association’s state publication.

These are the other earlier blog posts telling parts of my story about preparing for and taking the recent professional certification exam:

August 11, 2011 Lupus adventures studying for a professional exam

September 12, 2011 Lupus and facing a professional certification exam

September 14, poem titled Lupus adventure, tomorrow the big test

Since editors of news publications tend to shy away from re-publishing material derived from blog posts, I am especially humbled and honored for the association’s interest in sharing my “learning and lupus” story.  I am especially pleased with the opportunity to assist other members of my profession, while also helping raise lupus awareness through its mention in a national publication.


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  1. Thank you for sharing! I have nominated your blog for the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD. Please visit: for more details. Enjoy your day! 🙂

  2. That’s awesome! Congratulations on seeing your hard work pay off. I am enjoying your blog! 🙂

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