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An exciting outreach for Lupus patients is coming to Phoenix this month.  The Lupus Foundation of America, Inc. (LFA) is hosting a free educational symposium for people with lupus, their families and friends on Saturday, January 21, 2012 in Phoenix, AZ, just two weeks from today.  The upcoming educational symposium is very important event for lupus patients in Arizona!

An Educational Symposium from the Lupus Foundation of America

Free Lupus Educational Symposium in Phoenix

Unfortunately, many local patient resources were lost when the Arizona Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America, like so many other non-profit organizations, had to close its office due to declining donations in the wake of the economic recession.  This symposium will offer helpful information for newly diagnosed patients as well as those who may have lived with lupus for many years.

Sandra Raymond and Joan T. Merrill, M.D. are among the featured speakers who will give the latest information on lupus and an opportunity for dialogue on topics including living with lupus, diet, nutrition and exercise.  Many local physicians were recently enlisted to encourage their patients with lupus to attend.

If you would like to attend the Phoenix symposium, click on the flyer above to complete your registration at the Lupus Foundation of America website.  You will receive email confirmation from LFA shortly after you send your registration.

Additionally, if you or your doctor have any questions about the symposium, please contact Kristine Hoagland, Director of Network Development at (202) 510-8940 or by email at

Maybe I will see YOU there!

Comments on: "Lupus: Learning and Living Educational Symposium in Phoenix, AZ January 21, 2012" (2)

  1. lupusadventurer said:

    The symposium on lupus was absolutely wonderful. There was a great turnout and the speakers were excellent! Sandra Raymond was inspiring and Dr. Merrill hit the target on the bulls eye. I met many Arizona lupus patients, many of whom traveled from rural areas of Arizona to attend the symposium, and met two support group leaders from nearby cities.

    Dr. Merrill made a memorable statement that shook the paradigm of my concept of auto-immunity a little, as she predicted it would at the outset of her explanation. She said that we should not look as lupus as attacking our body, but rather as it trying (perhaps too hard) to protect our body, and ultimately playing its part to prevent the human race from extinction!

    This was a novel concept for me, but she did an excellent job of explaining the amazing design in the human immune system, and that is destined to result in some people having autoimmune diseases like lupus. She explained that its ability to adjust to new versions of disease actually helps preserve the human species. I learned some interesting things about lupus that I didn’t know that I didn’t know!

  2. Just heard about it…sorry I missed the event.

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