One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Type A personality with a type C body

Much of the world moves at a breath-taking pace, and once that rapidness energized me.  Exhilarating, stimulating, exciting, competitive, challenging — bring it on!

Like most type “A” over-achievers, perfection and competition drove me to push harder and longer toward excellence.  It seemed I was ever raising my goal to do better and accomplish more.   Trying to be the best at everything I put my hand to accomplish, and never letting myself rest until success was achieved.

Type B smelling the flowers...

Somewhere along the way, lupus entered the formula of my life.  It ran counter-purpose to my inner drive and motivations.  Single-handedly it had a part in reshaping my humbled frame into a very different letter.  No longer able to push myself physically toward maximum performance, I have had to accept the limitations that are a result of accelerated cell death lupus causes in connective tissues.  I have limits, that are not compatible with the Type A person inside my mind and soul.

Now, the type “A” girl inside is trapped inside a type “C” body, so I guess that means I have morphed into a type B personality.  The inner girl never changed, and occasionally she peeks through, but the outer package and physical limitations brought on by lupus moderate my behavior and filter perception of me for the on lookers.


Comments on: "Lupus, and life in the slower lane" (2)

  1. lupusadventurer said:

    Thank you so much for your affirming words and visit to my blog. Have a great day! LA

  2. I am loving your blog and the way you describe life with Lupus. Having had this disease you a few years now, you express things in a way that seem to be straight from my heart. Thank you for sharing. As a Type A trapped with a Type C body the challenge is constant. Your descriptions of the good and bad are straight on. I appreciate your willingness to share.

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