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New blog is a must-read

Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of reading a refreshing start-up lupus blog.

Rebecca, at the young age of 23, has captured the art of sharing her recent health experiences with captivating skill, spunk and energy.  Her new blog is a must-read for any newly diagnosed lupus patient, and quite heartening for any one of us “veteran” lupus adventurers.  We all remember what it was like to be where she is now.  Rebecca is very skilled at putting together the whole scope of the frightening first steps in her lupus journey, much of which she writes during a lengthy first hospital stay.

I absolutely loved reading the unique description of overwhelming lupus fatigue that Rebecca shares:


“On my bad days I have come to describe it as DICTIONARIES. I wake up, and instead of getting out of bed, I lay there. Because it feels like I have 50 of the library’s biggest, fattest, dictionaries (1000s of pages) placed all over my body and I simply CAN NOT get up… or barely move.

“Dictionaries” will now forever be part of my own lupus vocabulary!  Visit Rebecca’s blog to read more from her at


Comments on: "Lupus, and a new blogger’s description of overwhelming fatigue" (1)

  1. I am so glad I could add to the community 🙂 Funny story, I explained to my family the “dictionaries” feeling, and now on some of my bad days when I cannot get up am very slow to start, my dad will ask “How many dictionaries are there today?” Haha he always gives me a laugh, even though he is asking the question in all seriousness!

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