One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Benlysta after 12 weeks

Today marked twelve weeks after beginning Benlysta infusions for lupus, and today finds me expectantly looking ahead to next week and infusion no. 5.  I met with my family practice doctor today and watched as he and his staff “needled” me several times.  First to pull blood out, and then to put a flu shot into my arm and steroids into the site of a stubborn joint injury.   We discussed the improvements in my CNS involvement, joint pain and overall lupus disease activity decrease that have been demonstrated since the start of my infusions.

This week was the first step down in my prednisone dose in over a year.  Every other week I will be dropping my long-term 10 mg. per day dose by 1 mg., with an initial goal of getting back down to 5 mg. per day.  Only during the last 18 months my daily dose was increased from the 12-year long previous 5 mg. daily dose.  After taking oral steroids for so many years, my bone density has finally began to drop below normal, so I was sent off to schedule a bone scan at the nearby Radiologist.

"Needling" me to health!

While setting the date, I chatted with the gal handling the radiology scheduling, and found out that she, too, is a fellow lupus patient.

My afternoon ended at the local beauty college, where I signed up for the three-hour “works” including a hair cut, styling, manicure and pedicure.  The recent improvements accompanying Benlysta’s changes to my health and inside “me,” are complimented by a few minor improvements to the outside me.

Reclaiming the rest of my night's sleep

Inner and outer harmony again prevails!

Although today’s twelve week milestone with Benlysta includes many non-dramatic lupus improvements, instead, my health progress has been steady and incremental.  Tonight, my joint pain has kept me awake and interrupted my attempts to sleep, but most nights I have been getting a full good night’s sleep.

After having just finished a nice hot middle-of-the night tub soaking, I am headed back to bed to see if reclaiming the rest of the night in slumber is possible.


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