One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Let's have a yard sale!

Let’s have a yard sale!  What a wonderful thought, especially for the forgetful lupus patient, who has conveniently put out of her failing short-term memory any recollection of the true magnitude of a full-blown garage sale experience!  Yet, that is exactly what I did.

My daughter, mother-in-law and sister-in-law all joined me in a two-day yard sale at my house this weekend.

Let’s see, what are some of the things I forgot since the last one?

  • How many weeks it takes to get ready
  • How many signs there are to put out (and pick back up)
  • How much work it is!
  • How much change is needed to start out
  • How early the ad has to be submitted to get out on time
  • How much the ad in the paper costs
  • How early the first early bird customers arrive, usually before sunrise
  • How heavy the boxes are
  • How much sun is involved, and how hard it is to remember to stay in the shade
  • How much water I should be drinking all day
  • How important it is to have a good weather report
  • How exhausted the experience makes me
  • How hard it is to wake up the next morning
  • How important it is to wear my hat and long sleeves all day
  • How little sun it takes to make my lupus malar rash flare
  • How much my arthritis flares after standing outside all day
  • How long they seem to last
  • How much I enjoy meeting my neighbors!
  • How many people show up just after you put all the stuff away
  • How much fun it can be with people you love and enjoy hanging out with
  • How much I spent originally for everything I sold at 10 cents on the dollar
  • How much stuff is left when all the customers have gone home
  • How many coins there are to roll before they can be deposited
  • How old I feel at the end of the day
  • How dirty and grimy I feel afterwards

How much I say I never want to do ANOTHER yard sale!


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