One Patient's Positive Perspectives

I should have worn supportive shoes!

For the past two days I have spent countless hours reorganizing, cleaning and working to get my home ready for our daughter and her husband to move in.  I thought about changing my shoes when I got home from work last night, but got distracted and never did it.   I realized later this was a bad judgment call.

By the time I finally got into bed in the new bedroom setup, my lupus arthritis in my painful feet kept me awake long after my husband was snoring beside me.

So, in order to finally get to sleep, I had to reach for pain medications and waited for them to work before finally escaping the pain and getting some shut eye.

I should have worn my most supportive athletic shoes that are equipped with prescription arch support orthotics!  So, today I remembered my pain from last night, and put on the right shoes this morning before getting into my chores and project.  Even after steam cleaning a carpet, tonight, my feet are thanking me!


Comments on: "Lupus and wearing shoes that suit the job" (2)

  1. Where I work we have to wear shoes that are safety rated…. unfortunately “comfy” isn’t in the guidelines for acceptable footwear. I have to wear steel toe cap shoes to work at a desk all day. Work that one out!

    • lupusadventurer said:

      I would not like that! I wonder how they can make you wear shoes like that when it sounds like it is not required for your job. I would never get away with that as a government supervisor. The requirements I place on employees have to fit the essential functions of their job. I would ask why you have to wear them, or ask HR about it.

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