One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Day 30 - Benlysta Infusion #3

Yesterday afternoon I had the 3rd Benlysta infusion for my lupus in the series of my first 3 start-up treatments.  After this, they will be scheduled once per month.

The nurses at the infusion center were surprised to see me not carrying my huge stack of flash cards to study, and they asked about the outcome of the certification exam that I took last week.  They kindly assured me they knew I passed it!  It’s nice to know that others have this much confidence in my abilities.  I just hope I can tolerate the suspense of the four to five more weeks it will take to get my exam results!

It was nice to walk in to the infusion center with just a good book to read, and to be able to look forward to some mental rest during my infusion.  I can’t remember a time recently when I wasn’t sleeping, studying, working, cooking, driving or thinking I should be doing one these productive activities.

Today, the nurses took such great care of me!  They even fed me lunch again.  It seems the hospital regularly caters (premium!) box lunches to the infusion center as a courtesy to the infusion patients.  Two weeks ago they sent me out the door with a gourmet salad and amazing sandwich, which ended up my supper that night.

I nibbled at the roast beef sandwich and sipped a coke slowly, leisurely enjoying my lunch and my paperback book about a cat name Norton.  Occasionally, I looked up to peer out the windows at the city below and mountains in the distance.  Interestingly enough, Norton the cat had reached a ripe old age in the last chapters.  As I was receiving my own infusion, I learned about Norton’s obsessive owner actually administering infusions to the cat due to kidney failure and lymphoma.   Four vet specialists, including a cat oncologist – only such extremes could be found in a city like New York!

Norton the Cat

This afternoon’s read included the sad event of Norton the cat dying at age 16.5.  I was surprised that I actually didn’t cry while reading!  I found myself wondering the whole time how anyone could possibly be as attached to a cat as much as the author was to this famous feline.  It would be enough for most people, if someone in their life adored them HALF as much as that!  I am very fond of kitties, but this writer makes me feel in contrast like I have a cold heart of steel toward my furry feline acquaintances.  This cat was literally his kindred sidekick and surrogate family.

I almost reached the end of the book, with about 30 minutes of pages left for another quiet handful of moments.  After the 4-hour mid-day excursion for my infusion I was feeling quite okay.  I soon arrived back at home to resume working the last couple of hours of a shortened half-day Friday telecommute.


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