One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Praying, studying, and hoping for exam success

Four days, and counting!  Thursday afternoon I will make my second attempt at passing a professional certification exam in a neighboring state.  Flying out at six-something in the morning, my husband has to drive me to the airport.  With CNS lupus, my driving skills are more than morning-impaired!

Travel time will help me get out of lupus brain fog, and all morning has been allowed in my schedule for getting across town from the airport to the exam location.

What could be better for a lupus patient than an afternoon exam?  When I failed this test the first time, I had flown all day across the country and then had to arise at 4:00 am to be coherent for an 8:00 a.m. exam time.  This would have been tough enough any day, but I was exhausted and suffering jet lag after traveling 3,000 miles, not to mention waking in the deepest, thickest version of brain fog and slight sleep deprivation.

However, the reason I failed was simply not knowing enough to pass.  I can’t blame that on Lupus!  Now, however, I am more prepared and have studied for another year before trying again.

A good night's sleep and a morning flight

So Wednesday night’s plan is for a good night’s sleep in my own bed, followed by a quick Thursday morning commute flight.  A half-day will be left to arrive at the exam hotel by taxi.  This should provide adequate time to suppress CNS lupus mental challenges and set the stage for my best exam performance.

For more information about CNS lupus and studying challenges and approaches, please read my August post, Lupus Adventures Studying for a Professional Exam.

So, this week, I am praying for God’s help, reviewing four binders of study notes, meeting once more with my study group partner (yeah, Gina!) and hoping just to do my best and to pass this time.



Comments on: "Lupus and facing a professional certification exam" (2)

  1. I don’t know what you’re studying for… But good luck!!! Don’t let the stinking fog get in your way! (just take a good flashlight to find your way through!) 🙂

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