One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Morning will be filled with telecommuting

This morning will be filled with telecommuting, followed by heading out at noon for the hospital where I will receive my 2nd Benlysta infusion.  So far, so good.  After a few days, the short passing moments of dizziness stopped, and after a week the short shooting “zinger” headaches went away.  These were small issues so otherwise, there were no major post-infusion concerns.  It will be good to compare the way I feel after the second infusion, to see if the extreme exhaustion and these two other issues are coincidental or seemingly related to the infusion.

Many precious friends and family are praying that the Benlysta will help get my lupus back under control.  I believe God has a plan, and Benlysta alone will not bring it to pass, it still requires His perfect will and involvement for healing miracles to occur.  Benlysta does not work for everyone!

Day 15 - Benlysta Infusion #2

I saw my rheumatologist this week for a follow-up exam after infusion one.

That visit included the sad event of saying “goodbye” to the CNP who has handled my case, closely working with my rheumatologist for over 16 years.  I have been with my rheumatologist for most of 20 years, and will really miss this wonderful woman!  She has become somewhat a friend over the years, a with many a word of encouragement and empathy, countless phone calls, and always available to reach out to when lupus troubles arise.

I must admit I am quite attached to her.  She is making a rewarding career move, but I will sorely miss her.  I wish her the best.


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