One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Wonderful balmy afternoon breeze

Labor Day means picnics, grilling in the park, volleyball, softball, children laughing and fun with family.  However, with Lupus, a day in the park,  basking in the last of the summer’s heat, takes on new challenges.  So, the family set up a shade canopy in the double-shading of the biggest trees, surrounded by a ring of lawn chairs and picnic coolers.

So taking “center stage,” there were countless pleasant conversations enjoyed with those who stopped by to share the picnic blanket.  Slathered in sun screen, and dressed to block the extra UV rays, I was well-positioned for a long restful sun-safe day in the park.  A sister, brother, daughter-in-law, niece, cousins and kin of every other label were delightful visitors to my cool grassy oasis.

Perfect last day of vacation!

I had a wonderful opportunity to share my shady shelter with a couple of extremely little folks, primarily the diaper and toddler crowd!  I expanded some very important relationships with the wee folks in my life.  They certainly know how to enjoy a relaxing balmy afternoon.

Taking notes, I watched as my little granddaughter lifted her face to feel the gentle cool breeze on her cheeks, smiling and giggling as the gentle tickling flow of air made her wispy hair dance.  Learning a little better how to unwind and enjoy the moment, I joyed in my granddaughter and her companions keeping company with me as adept mentors and relaxation coaches.

I am thanking God for this pleasant, love-filled and perfect last day of our vacation!


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