One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Lupus Now June 2011 Issue

A couple of days ago, I received a package with several copies of Lupus Now in the mail.  Lupus Now is an award-winning magazine published periodically by the Lupus Foundation of America.  This issue had special interest to me, since  I was one of several readers that were interviewed  for an article about dental health, “Mouth Maintenance: Fight Tooth Decay and Gum Disease with Proper Dental Upkeep,” by Mary Dixon Lebeau.

The author had contacted me, and requested my permission to interview my Scottsdale, Arizona dentist, Dr.  Daniel Klein.  The article featured him prominently, as he explained details about the relationship of bacteria and oral health for a lupus patient.

Until this afternoon, I had not yet sat down and read the latest issue.  So, at about 1:00 p.m. I left work to take a break from my busy day, grabbing my purse.  My hunger followed me as I left, contemplating my destination.  Heading down through the elevator and out toward the parking garage, I remembered a news email announcement about the road closure a couple of hours earlier in front of the Jack In The Box that is my favorite quick lunch spot.  So, I went out opposite my usual direction.

As I parked at a Wendy’s restaurant nearby my office, I decided to skip the drive-through and go inside and sit down.  I planned to take an opportunity to enjoy my lunch away from the office and spend a few minutes to rest and do a little light reading.  So, I picked up the copy of Lupus Now sitting on the passenger seat of my car, and headed inside.

As I entered, I was greeted by a friendly inquiry from another customer.  Noticing the copy of Lupus Now tucked under my arm, the woman expressed her surprise and pleasure to learn about the existence of a lupus-related publication.  In our conversation that followed, I showed her the features of the magazine, as I learned that her adult son had rather severe lupus.  He is now on a waiting list for kidney transplant, and is just beginning dialysis treatments.

As we stood there visiting, I was temporarily distracted from the hunger that had drawn me out into the blistering Arizona afternoon.  The woman’s husband and son soon walked up and joined into our chatter.  What a pleasant and interesting conversation!  I quickly learned that this family had few contacts to reliable lupus-related information, and that they were not yet familiar with the Lupus Foundation of America and its vast resources available to them.

I gladly gave away the copy of Lupus Now in my hands, and told her about the Lupus Foundation of America website and the many benefits and information it offered to lupus patients and their families.  I explained that I was briefly mentioned in an article in the magazine, also pointing out an article about men who have Lupus that might interest them because of their son.  I encouraged her to check out the LFA further, and their website

I hoped the family I had just met would feel comfortable contacting me through my blog email for more information and questions. The woman seemed genuinely encouraged by our brief conversation, and grateful for the contacts and reference links she had received from me.

I was especially pleased that my extra copy  of Lupus Now was able to get into the hands of someone who needed it.  When I finally got around to ordering my (delicious) chicken/berry/almond salad and tea, most of my lunch hour had elapsed.  So, I took my healthy lunch back to my office to enjoy while working at my desk.

Perhaps tomorrow I will have another opportunity to pull out Lupus Now,  and sit down with a cup of tea to explore its informative pages.


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