One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Lupus, and Undoing the Overdoing

Many days are expended in chores, work and more.
After a long commute home, there’s a stop at the store.
We rush to our house, to a waiting hungry brood,
and zap up a meal to give our family some food.

After working all week, and then Saturday comes,
but more chores await once the weekend’s begun.
Laundry, and clean up, and dusting and such,
Before very long we have done way too much!

Pacing ourselves through busy weeks is tough,
and saying no, or wait, to important needs is rough.
In retrospect, its clear that we’ve continued overdoing,
and lupus has flared with no easy path to undoing!

So, unwelcome limits have imposed a new plan,
to slow down and rest over several days’ span.
Recovery of strength can be slow, a real pain,
’til we finally get back to our old strength again.

So carefully seek to find balance, dear friend,
saving some energy for fun at weeks’ end.
Lupus-imposed limits are respected by the wise,
heeded and followed by a patient who complies.

Lupus Adventurer
May 9, 2011


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