One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Balancing lupus and work

Balancing Lupus and work responsibilities can be a real adventure and difficult to manage anytime.  Lupus can also be really challenging when you have a huge work project underway.  The responsibility of a government law department’s budget is a huge project all year long, but during budget season, it gets especially crazy.  Budget season means spreadsheets, number crunching, pie charts, trend lines, expenditure justifications, and crazy, ridiculous long early and late hours at work.

Sometime in the coming days and weeks the annual budget season will come to a close. Budgets will be approved and hearings will end. We will soon have a budget.   Perhaps, we will even have our budget finished before congress does!  Budget study sessions and approval hearings are next on the agenda.  This means making presentations that analyze financial trends and project the future financial needs and conditions of the organization.

Budget, budget, budget!

My sole daily (and nightly) activity right now is budget, budget, budget.  Somewhere in all of this comes my taxes… by tomorrow at midnight! Turbo Tax, here I come.

Huge projects sometimes require long hours of overtime and shortages of time for other normal things.  Sleep, housework, home cooked meals, manicures, getting to the beauty shop, reading for fun, exercise, income tax preparation, grocery shopping, laundry, friends, playing music, or spending precious time with (very patient) people you love is squeezed into a few short minutes at the beginning and ending of each day.

All this describes life at my house, or perhaps I should say, my life at work, where most of my time is invested lately.

It is difficult to even find time to write.  Somewhere between putting my dog in his kennel for the night, taking medications, turning of the TV in the bedroom, and clicking off the light on my night stand — I thought I saw a small sliver of time waiting for me in the dark.  I’ve got just enough minutes to walk through the darkened house in the eerie glow of the cell phone in my hand. I find my desk and computer in the office at the back of the house and sit down.

Tomorrow is upon us

So, here I sit for five minutes, or so, thinking that my present work circumstances are probably not the norm for most lupus patients.  Thus far, I have been extremely blessed, able to continue working, while appreciating greatly the ongoing support I receive from a wonderful husband, bevy of co-workers and a couple of amazing bosses.  Did I mention how helpful my assistant has been?  Amazing!

When (not IF) I survive this crazy round-the-clock budget schedule and madness, I will gladly pull over to the right of the road, and go back to living life in the slow lane.

In the meantime, I am just thankful that my lupus has cooperated so well, and quieted down over the last couple of weeks, just when I most needed it to behave.  I am grateful to have been able to meet my work obligations.

Now, tomorrow is already upon us!  This sleepy girl is headed back through the house to go collect some precious shut-eye.


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