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FDA Approves Benlysta for Lupus!

Today, the FDA approved a new biologic drug, Benlysta, for the treatment of lupus!  Benlysta is the first new drug in 52 years to be approved by the FDA for use by lupus patients, and the first drug to be developed specifically to treat this systemic multi-system auto-immune disease.

Please visit the Lupus Foundation of America web site to learn more about this historic advent in the treatment of lupus and to learn about the FDA’s decision.  You will also find links to more information about Benlysta, and a short video by Sandra Raymond, President and CEO of the Lupus Foundation of America about the FDA’s decision.

Benlysta is the first new drug in my lifetime to be approved by the FDA for lupus!  The previous list was extremely short, consisting of only three medications:  aspirin, prednisone and plaquenil.  Statistically, Benlysta’s approval results in a whopping 33% increase!

This is great day for lupus patients.  There will be hurdles and adventures ahead in getting this medication to the appropriate lupus patients, due to the anticipated high price of the medication, and sorting out insurance coverage formulary issues.

But, today, physicians and lupus patients have gained one more excellent FDA approved option.  Hurrah!


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