One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Sick upon sick!

The joys of getting sick with lupus, doubly sick!  It is enough to have lupus, and to also be in a lupus flare, but getting sick with a contagious disease at the same time just never seems right!  But it happens.

Today, this girl with lupus is sick, upon sick!  What could be sorrier than that?  Lupus and bronchitis together… what joy!

Well, it happens, and this weekend I was unable to run fast enough to get away from the rib-rattling cough and bronchitis that finally caught up with me.

So, on Sunday I stayed home from church, missed hearing my husband sing a solo and play the piano for the services, and did not get to sing one of my favorite songs with the church choir.  Instead, I stayed home resting, coughing and keeping my germs at home with me.

A lupus patient always needs to take extra special care of herself when she gets sick.  A common cold, bronchitis or other illnesses can hit extra hard and make us sicker than “normal” folks with stronger immune systems.  Already being on prednisone bursts for flare, or taking other immune-suppressing drugs before getting sick, can tend to make us more susceptible when “sickness” hits.

When a lupus patient has been in flare, as I have been, contacting the doctor right away is always a great idea.  So, I’ll be calling my family doctor for an appointment this morning as soon his office opens.  So the plan for today is continued from yesterday: plenty of rest, stay home from work (and maybe telecommute if I feel up to it) and chicken noodle soup for lunch!

Sometimes, I wonder why our over-active immune systems don’t keep lupus patients from catching colds, flu and bronchitis.  It seems to fit with my own personal brand of logic that it could be possible. Unfortunately, autoimmunity just does not work that way!

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