One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Today my sister flew in...

Today my sister flew in from out of town, and we decided to go out in search of a beauty adventure.  We went down to check out the local beauty college for the first time.  We decided to get “the works,”  and we dove into the experience in search of new hairdos, manicures and pedicures… but no lupus cures today.  However, we did feel much better when we were done!

I had been taking higher doses of prednisone for several weeks, and now was feeling the woes of my face well-plumped by steroids.  To make matters worse, my hair was in one of those miserable “just can’t be fixed” stages.  Nothing I did seemed to make my hair look any better, or even any different.  It just kept returning to the same clumped, out-of-balance with a stubborn untamable mind of its own.  I was fed up with my hair again, and ready for a change!

In the back of my mind were my mother’s words.  When we were growing up, and had one of those down days when we felt especially grumpy, gloomy or just out of sorts, mom could always be counted on to say the same thing.  Often for me, these were days when I was a teenager that I now understand I was experiencing profound lupus malaise and arthritis pain.  During those years I was repeatedly tested for rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, looking for an answer to my untimely arthritis and fatique, to no avail.  It took ten more years before we found out it was lupus.

On those bad days, Mom would suggest with fresh enthusiasm, just as if she had thought of it for the very first time, “why don’t you go fix your hair, it will make you feel so much better.”  We would always follow her suggestion, and amazingly, she always seemed to be right.  Making myself look better really did help me perk up and help me feel better, too.

A good hairdo may not be a cure for lupus, but it can sure make a prednisone-plumped girl feel like she is in charge again, not the lupus!  Maybe just the idea of taking action to do something to change the situation is what makes so much difference.

Manicures and pedicures, but no lupus cures!

So, today my sister and I thoroughly enjoyed our encouraging adventure!  By the end of today we had enjoyed foot and hand massages, pretty pink toenails and finger nails and we each came away with a brand new sassy hairdo!  As we chatted and enjoyed our side-by-side primping and beautifying attendants, we had a wonderful and enjoyable day.

The whole process took several hours, and when it was finished we had laughed and visited, and seemed to find a cure for everything but my lupus.  Three out of four isn’t bad.  I’ll take that.


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