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Long night, rough lupus morning...

After a long night with a family member admitted to the hospital in the early hours of the morning, I came home and fell into bed exhausted.  The morning at my house started very late, with my Lupus challenged brain functioning in impeded mode!  The gears are moving very slow, and my gray matter is very tired.

This will be a challenging day ahead, and an opportunity to put my faith in God into practice.  Mind and body are drained from lack of sleep, but the day will happen anyway, despite my unreadiness to face it.

I need to borrow some strength from my Savior that I just don’t have within myself today.  When I am empty, Christ is still there upholding me, near and faithful.   There is reminder to have joy even in this tough moment, knowing that One greater than me can handle what my own resources cannot.  I will have to be leaning on Him throughout this day.  My own strength is just too small for this day.

Balancing my need to be supportive to loved ones displaced in an unfamiliar hospital room, and pressing work needs will pull me more than one direction.  Taking one issue and step at a time, it will be interesting to see where the day leads.


Comments on: "Long Night, Rough Lupus Morning" (6)

  1. Lupus Adventurer said:

    SP: How right you are! Thanks for chiming in… LA

  2. This is always a tough one for us- putting others before ourselves is admirable and Christ-like, but doing too much of that will land us in the sickbed. Tricky balance, I wish the best for you in finding it.

  3. Lupus Adventurer said:

    I’m thankful when my adventures touch other people’s lives, even if just a little bit. We all really need each other! LA

  4. Very well written. I hope you have better days to come. Your words hit me and made me think a bit more of my relationship with God. Let’s just say HE and I have been disagreeing lately! 🙂

  5. Lupus Adventurer said:

    Thank you so much, Headstrong. Many prayers have made a heavy load much lighter over the past few days. BTW – I clicked on your name link and really enjoyed visiting your lupus site! Such exuberance! Really a fun site. LA

  6. Lupus Adventurer, I’ll be praying for you. I hope you’ve a good day, with an even better tomorrow on the horizon. All the best to you and yours. Cheers, Headstrong

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