One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Lupus hairs and beauty chairs...

Lupus hairs that frame my face are finally growing in!
Before, they fell out by the handfuls, on the bathroom floor and drain.
Its great to see that baby growth, all stubby short and spry,
Standing straight around my struggling ‘do, refusing to comply.

Yet, I’d rather have them growing there, in straight defiance to my curls,
than have them missing still, and gone, because of lupus ills.
So, to make them feel at home, its time for a short hair crop,
an appointment in the stylist chair and trip to the beauty shop.

The scalp massage is always great, then the drippy toweling dry.
Next, her scissors fly and comb is at dance, her work is a noble try.
Scrunch, fluff and toss, a “beauty” transformation miracle is done,
A new hairdo, matched to new front hairs.  Hair-victory is won!

by Lupus Adventurer

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