One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Take-and-bake pizza...

Finishing my shopping at the mall, parking in the handicapped spot in front of a nearby Costco, it took just five minutes to zip inside to pick up take-and-bake pizza and wings to drop off at home.  My husband offered to heat the oven — so I dropped off what would soon be his dinner, and then hopped back on freeway heading south.

Finding exit 7, following the directions on my email invitation to a large local resort, my car arrived just as the lecture started.  Glad the conference room was just inside the first entrance door, it took only a few moments to slip into a seat in the back.

A couple of hours later, Richard K. Burt, M.S. ended his discussion of adult stem cell treatment of auto-immune diseases, conducted at a Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.

The audience ethusiastically clapped, applauding successes and thought-provoking stories of 350 auto-immune patients, referred to Northwestern as last resort patients from other research hospitals.  Patients were treated with their own adult stem cells under disease-specific protocols developed by Dr. Burt and his colleagues, with control groups using standard treatment approaches.

Reports of specific patient’s drug-free remissions, with several before and after pictures of patients explained their success.  Restored from near death and utter disability, several patient’s remissions demonstrated anectodal but irrefutable results.  Many patients experienced full drug-free remissions of symptoms and dramatically improved systemic lupus, multiple sclerosis and several other auto-immune diseases.

After walking out into the cool Arizona winter night, soon my car was back on the freeway headed north.  Hungry for the awaiting pizza and wings, the distraction of a favorite talk-radio program and my reflections on the lecture accompanied me home.  Sometimes God uses men in working His miracles.

[For more information about this research]


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