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The dust of Christmas past...

The morning after the morning after Christmas… sleeping in until the a.m. sounds around home wake everyone by absolute default.  The city slowly returns to normal activity.  Garbage trucks drone on the street outside, neighbor dogs bark and nearby car alarms honk when neighbors head to work.  But, not in this house!

In these walls will be one more precious prescribed day of rest.  An extra vacation day from work is part of a strategic holiday (recovery) plan.  It matters not that Christmas company stirred up new dust, left crumbs under the kitchen table, or rings on coffee tables.  In several corners the piles of gift bags, wrapping paper and few reusable bows linger, awaiting attention.  Christmas decorations have begun gathering dust, and await dismissal to their annual hibernation.  But, none of these will be addressed today!

Instead, exhausted by the Christmas just past, this girl intentionally rests.  Tired, but richly blessed from time with family and friends in a wonderful series of gatherings — Christmas Eve with in-laws, Christmas breakfast with sister’s family, and a Christmas dinner at our home.  Then, on Sunday we enjoyed one last “day after” reminder of the truest meaning of the season.  We heard a thoughtful sermon, a few last Christmas hymns, candlelight communion and some final glorious piano and choir music.  So many things to ponder, to fill hearts with faith, warmth and love, and to remind us of enduring treasures.  Today is a quiet day of reflection, rest and recharge – and one more day to continue to ponder our Savior, whose birth is commemorated by these annual festivites.

Faithful dachshund...

So, the Christmas tree lights are plugged in once again to enjoy, and settling into the peace of my still and empty house, it is time to sit for a while.  Faithful dachsund on the footstool, fresh coffee in hand and feet snuggled into the fur of my little canine friend, this is a welcome hour and day of rest.  Breathing deep sighs of contentment, and experiencing a slow hour-by-hour awakening as lupus’ morning mental fog clears a bit more with each warming sip of coffee.

No work will be done today.  There is total peace at this house, coexisting harmoniously yet another day with the dust of Christmas just past. 

The plan?  No plan!


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  1. said:

    I enjoy to play the piano… I find it very helpful.

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