One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Here at the computer, thinking about all the things on the get-it-done-by-Christmas list.  Halls decked, menu planned, gifts selected, stockings stuffed, groceries picked up, guests invited, food prepared, and my heart filled with gratefulness for the Gift that is the reason to celebrate.  Reflecting on that event of two thousand and ten years ago.

One Perfect Lamb

Down from the glory of eternity’s home,
a baby was born as a carpenter’s Son.
Willing so humbly to enter our world,
Creator and Master, the Savior did come.
History splitting, prophecy fulfilling, sin forgiving,
life transforming man,
Jesus Christ, both Son of God and son of Joseph and Mary,
a miraculous plan.
Three decades passed without one wrong or sin,
lived as the One Perfect Lamb.
He offered Himself, life and blood for man’s sin.
Buried three days, He arose up again!
Overcoming sin, death, sickness and the grave,
giving life unto all reborn men he would save.
Accepting His gift, true forgiveness is found,
New life, new joy, and truest Christmas blessings abound!

On this night before the night before Christmas, sitting here at the computer, I am so very thankful for many blessings of the Child born that night so long ago in Bethlehem.  His Word says that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.  Find the love of God in Christ Jesus, in which sin is forgiven and its penalty removed that separates men from a Holy Almighty God.

Lupus is only one thing in my life, but it does not define me.  Jesus Christ is everything in my life, and he forgives, empowers and transforms my simple life to one of real and lasting, irrevocable joy.  As a Christian, my belief in Him does define me.  He alone created me and He understands me.  My prayer is that others will come to know Him, and that they too may understand and know His great mercy and love.

Thank you for your Christmas Birthday gift to us, Jesus!


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