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Better Living Through Chemistry?

“Better living through chemistry,” so the quip goes!  Less is more, or is it really more is less?  More or less, medications are part of lupus and life for this pill weary patient!   How does this girl feel about drugs she daily inserts into her body chemistry?

Grateful!  Once upon a time, the personal list had over 20 daily medications and prescribed supplements, including a couple for asthma and allergy.  Physicians debated their discomfort with the long list (with known drug interactions,) but choices were limited as lupus grew increasingly worse, attacking systems and organs.  Organizing medications was a major mental ordeal!

After Rituxan infusions five years ago, an extremely shorter personal list of major meds is a blessing, easier on both mind and pocketbook:

A little easier!

  • Plaquenil, an anti-malarial drug with a long history treating lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.  Its side effects are mild and well known, and its not too scary to have at the top of my “A” list!
  • Prednisone, a systemic steriod, is both wonder and nightmare drug with a Jekel and Hyde nature.  Extended elevated doses suppressed most of my natural adrenal function for good.  Fear that miniscule cholesterol blockage in tiny blood vessels will cause future bone degeneration or worsen minor cataracts is truly a little haunting.  Predisone bursts occasionally cause huge appetite, “moon face” or stealth emotional bombs!  As both villian and friend it is still a daily “must do.”
  • Topical steriods, prescription creams to treat discoid lupus rashes.  These help a great deal as needed.
  • Add a few physician prescribed vitamins, minerals, other supplements, with the asthma/allergy stuff – that’s it!

Better living through chemistry?  Maybe – but in moderation when medically permissible!  Past longer lists included Methotrexate, Imuran, prescription NSAIDs, etc.

Thankfully, today’s is my shortest list ever… pleased that less is more for now!


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