One Patient's Positive Perspectives

A favorite green sweater warms chilly shoulders in this morning’s crisp air.  Like the smile of a best friend, my knitted companion brings comfort to stiff and achy joints.  Comfy slippers cradle ten arthritic toes, attempting to waddle around the cool kitchen beneath breakfast’s compelling ritual.


Where are the keys?

Husband, friend and sweetheart, he’s running very late today!  We both gather up his accoutrements (cell phone, lunch, pen, keys, sun glasses) and provisions he dons for the day.  Together, herding these items out the door toward his waiting white Jeep.  Slipping into the saddle, he reaches toward the girl in my slippers and sweater.  Transferring two cups of coffee to his hands, they land in the waiting cup holders.  Then a quick good-bye kiss, “drive safe,” and “I love you” exchanged.

Aching bones in my slippers absorb coolness from the driveway, while he backs out smiling and waving.  

Sunshine on my shoulders!

Gloriously, the sun’s warming shower of morning light finds me standing there, surrounding and bathing a chilled sweater-covered frame.  A silent thought suggests, “linger here in this warm moment, and savor the simple joy of sunshine on your shoulders.”  Yielding momentarily to inner needs, I am recharged and refreshed.

A playful horn honk, and he rides away in his white “stallion” down the street toward work. 

With a wave and a small sting of lament, shoulders and feet turn back toward the house, remembering that beautiful pleasurable sunlight is not a friend of lupus!  A moment’s encounter with it’s rays will have to be enough.


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