One Patient's Positive Perspectives

What's That?

Looking in the mirror each morning is not always a thrilling experience, especially after stumbling out of bed, still half asleep, blurry eyed, with hair all askew.

Struggling to focus without my glasses, greeted by some extra color on that face in the mirror!  What is that big red spot?  Yes, it really is a great big new lupus rash right smack  dab in mid forehead.  There it sits, saluting the morning, all round and puffy, raised and pink.  Makeup would just make it sting, so we can skip that whole ritual this morning!  Instead, let’s go for a generous dab of super-duper prescription steroid cream.  That will do quite nicely instead.

Skip the Makeup Today!

Hmm, there are a few discoid rashes peeking out around the hairline, too.  Maybe better spread a little more steroid cream around the edges.  Perhaps the new bold mark will fade back into submission by the end of morning commute.  Otherwise, that big red dime-sized splotch will be an unwelcome companion for today, going along through meetings and activities.

So much for clinging to vanity and poise!  Step aside, and make way for humility and all the unexpected joys of lupus!


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