One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Yogurt, Granola & Blackberries!

Mother always enouraged “drink your milk, it will make your bones strong,” and she was right.  So, today this compliant patient is more likely to eat a little yogurt and take regular calcium supplements.  Still,  calcium in any form has the desired effect of staving off the onset, or at least progression of bone loss.   The reality of a long term relationship with steriods now makes Mom’s prescription for bone health, echoing back years later sound rather prophetic.  Some days even now, her voice is faintly perceived mingled and mixed with the words of the Rheumatologist.

Mom was smarter than we knew, and she certainly didn’t get the esteem she deserved then for her wisdom.  Even now, Mom’s voice-in-my-head still prompts, “put your book down,” and “get outside to play a little,” or “the fresh air and exercise will be good for you.”

Exercise Ball Awaits...

Fluid Bike Trainer

So today’s play is doing a little yoga, hopping on the bike perched in its fluid trainer in the corner, or maybe venturing out into the shady corner of the yard to do a little gardening in early Arizona morning light, or perhaps the dappled shade of cool late afternoon.  Sometimes, self-delusion sets in, pretending “fun” while mopping a houseful of hardwood and tile floors.  Could we allow ourselves to let chores become intentional “exercise” done just to be “good,” while dutifully carrying out Mom’s saged advice to “get up and move” a little more?   Mopping counts as aerobic exercise, doesn’t it?  Yes.  Let’s go with that answer!

If Mom was around today, she would be proud to see how well her advice has been followed.  Her daughter complies, with motherly and medical advice.  Without having to be told to put down the favorite book, or as is more likely to be needed today,  get up from the computer for a little while.  A little yogurt and yoga now goes a long way.  Mom would be so happy.


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