One Patient's Positive Perspectives

While trying to do all the good things for the past three months necessary to turn around the latest flare, its was hard to accept that remission was really ending.  In recent communication between patient, rheumatologist and CNP, all agreed that a long slow lupus flare continues unabated.  What’s next?  Hopes for clinical trial or insurance company approval of more Rituxan infusions. 

Almost 5 Years!

Its been almost 5 years, and there are no complaints in this corner.   Having then already failed Methotrexate and Imuran after taking them for almost 10 years, then contraindicated by lupus liver involvement, Ritxan was the next best hope. 

Thankfully, for the last five years, a simply amazing lupus improvement persisted!  Five years of feeling mostly well after 25 years of feeling mostly miserable was welcome change!  No complaints here about remission not lasting forever.  Thinking every day, “if this is what 50 feels like, then what is everyone complaining about.” 


 If its time to do the biologic drug again, bring it on!

Totally ready for more Rituxan, and now just waiting for the call it’s been approved…


Comments on: "Noble efforts to stop a flare don't hurt, but don't always work, either! Bring on more biologics!" (4)

  1. Lupus Adventurer said:

    It’s very encouraging to get input from a physician. I will be very delighted to check out your website, Seeja. Thanks!

  2. I am a doctor and I have a lot of interest in lupus and other autoimmune disorders. This category of disease is so fascinating and research intensive that it kind of indulges me. Anyways nice to hear from you. I will be glad to be of any assistance to you or anybody you know who is suffering from lupus or any other auto immune disorder. You are free to contact me at my email. I also have a small request. Will you please visit my website and evaluate it. You can leave a feedback about my website on the Q&A page. Thanks

  3. Lupus Adventurer said:

    You are so right! Much more research with biologic drugs for Lupus is needed. Often, new drugs are tried only if they prove successful in treating related auto-immune conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, cancer or post-transplant anti-rejection. Thank you so much for the great information and feeback! Your input encouraged chasing down and adding a link to an LFA web article about investigational treatments. Good stuff!

  4. Rituxan or rituximab is a antibody directed against B lymphocytes. Since lupus is primarily caused by over activity of B cells it is believed that rituximab may deplete the B cells thus reducing the impact of lupus. However rituximab is still being evaluated and FDA is yet to approve it for use in lupus, although some doctors use it as an off label indication. Even then most studies have shown good benefits especially in lupus nephriti( affecting the kidney). Experience with rituximab in lupus arthritis is limited but with greater experience in its use maybe things will improve and the outlook for lupus arthritis will improve.

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