One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Sit, Sip and Savor!

Waking up in the middle of the night is hardly what was planned after sinking into my pillow several hours ago. 

Mornings are generally a little foggy — that is the inside-my-brain weather report — and slow.  It is my favorite time for savoring the first cup of coffee (with too much sweet raspberry chocolate creamer) while sinking into the pillows my kind husband has propped behind me.  There should definitely be some kind of special award for husbands who get up to make coffee, and serve it to their wives in bed!

What's Brewing?

This morning started earlier than that, the coffee is still just an unexplored idea.  Today the coffee brewing, pouring and serving roles will be reversed.  This is the opportunity of of an untimely “lupus wake up alarm.”  Today is the opportunity for me to return the daily favor my loving husband usually does for me.

Off now to see what is brewing in my kitchen, and make the most of an achy, early start to my day.

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